Our Business

Securities Trading Business

  • Since 2012, the Group also commenced securities trading business. All the securities traded are shares listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

Properties Development Business

  • The Group carries out properties development business through its subsidiary Xintai Investment Company Limited 湛江鑫泰投資有限公司), which holds One Parkview*(公園一號), a complex land use development located at Chikan District, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, the PRC. The project comprises of three phases, (i) phase I comprises of two blocks of residential buildings with retail shops, car parks and facilities; (ii) phase II comprises of four blocks of residential buildings with car parks and facilities; and (iii) phase III is a vacant land.

Loan Financing Business

  • As the Group has surplus funds, in order to earn a higher interest income compared with the interest that may be earned by making Hong Kong dollar time deposits with banks in Hong Kong, the Group advances monies to independent third parties.

Financial Leasing Business

  • The Group is engaged in the business of financial leasing, leasing of assets, offshore pruchase of assets for lease, management and maintenance of the assets for lease and general operation and provision of guarantee in relation to the financial leasing business.

Food and Beverages Business

  • The food and beverages business of the Group comprises a restaurant in Beijing.

Other Businesses

  • Apart from the existing businesses of food and beverages, trading of securities and financial services, the Company will continue to explore other potential investment opportunities and from time to time in discussion with potential targets with reasonable returns that meet the Company's criteria and increase shareholders' values.